Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Power of the Word

This is awful!  I've been so busy with trying to meet school deadlines, but I need to write at least a short post.  Instead of writing something completely new, I'll share something I wrote about a week ago.  Not polished poetry, to say the least, but something anyways.  Looking back over these words, I am convicted once again and made aware of the necessity of spending time reading my Bible.  Indeed, those words are sustenance for my soul!

His Word is my sustenance.
It strengthens and convicts,
Rescues and lays open,
Reveals folly and gives wisdom.

It is a sword and a mirror.
It illuminates the Way of life.
It is a staff that leads from sin's dark snare
to the green pastures of righteousness.

It breaks through lies with love's true light.
Not a word will perish, not a word will fail.
Thrown from the loving hand of God these word fly true
to break and bind my heart.

Their bitterness is a sweet, sweet wound.
I will eat of them, for in them is found life.

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