Sunday, August 22, 2010

Montana Skies

It's hard to believe that this time of relaxing and recharging will soon be over!  I don't want it to end, but at the same time, with every mile we drive closer to home, I begin to miss it more... If you can believe it, I'm already making plans for cleaning the house, making a rag quilt, remodeling my room, and attacking the garage and shed.  Even stranger yet, I've hardly picked up a book this vacation!  Usually I'm reading whenever I get the chance, but the ever-changing scenery seems to have occupied my eyes most of the time.

Since internet access on our travels has been rather sporadic, I haven't been able to keeping up with blogging, so I'll just share some of the highlights from our travels thus far.

This lovely lady was part of the surprisingly extensive visitors center/museum in Newport, WA.
Slightly amusing... click on the picture to read the caption

I love love LOVE old stuff like this!!

They had tons of replica buildings outside... this is the inside of a settler's cabin.

From Newport we drove through Idaho to Missoula, Montana, where we camped for the night and did some shopping- and rejoiced in the low prices and lack of sales tax!

The next day we were on again for White Sulfur Springs, Montana.  At first were were a little skeptical as our devious GPS, affectionately dubbed Cruella, led us through a dismal, run-down, mobile home park and a gravel plant on the way to the campground.  Once we arrived at the correct location however, our apprehensions melted away.  When they call it "Big Sky Montana" they aren't kidding!  The western spirit, the wind, the blue skies and cotton ball clouds, captured my heart in no time flat.  If you ever travel through White Sulfur, a town of about 1000, a mile above sea level, don't cheat yourself by saying there's nothing to do.  Take a walk through the sleepy main street, chat with residents of the surrounding neighborhood, look through the "castle", or drive the backroads, simply soaking in the rustic, wild Montana charm. 

Isn't God a brilliant artist?
I found a friendly group of horses to stop and chat with. ;)

That's all for tonight!  Next will be featured Glacier National Park.

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