Saturday, August 18, 2012

At the closing of a chapter...

When the blog has been quiet for a while, it usually means life hasn't been. ;)

Working part time has been a real blessing this summer. It's starting to get busy with back-to-school shoppers, even though it feels like summer has barely started. Staples is a good place to work. There are high and low points of course, but I am so grateful for where I am right now. Having a few days off each week means there's time to help with laundry and cleaning, as well as work on my crochet and sewing projects. And I was even able to take a week off to visit some friends on their farm and doing a bit of camping with my family.

As it's getting busier at work, I'm coming face to face with the reality that I too, will be going to school this year. And not "back" to school either. For me this is a first. After a good 13 years of home learnin', I'm going to sit as a student in one of those dreaded "institutions" for the first time. Though I have my moments when I feel like a kindergartener, I'm excited. I know I'll never fully know what to expect until I begin, but I feel prepared, and secure in that while I may not know what the Lord has for me in the next few years, I am where He wants me to be right now.

I'll soon be entering a new chapter... one in which impromptu family vacations and my dear familiar online teachers are relegated to the happy memories of bygone days. But as I leave some things behind, and stretch in new directions, I know that Christ will use all for my good and His glory, to conform me more into His image. There are many possibilities opening before me that I never would have dreamed of a year ago. Perhaps the road will lead me there, perhaps not. But I know this: the Way beneath my feet is firm.


  1. surely God will continue to bless you as you face the new chapter of your life. :)

    Lhen :)

  2. I remember when I left the wonderful world of homeschooling to go to a "real" school - and when I left high school to go into college. Both have turned out to be wonderful experiences. I won't say I never had any troubles, but I certainly do not regret the choices I made. I've found that the social aspect of "those dreaded 'institutions'" makes the work part more enjoyable, and the friends I've made have helped me to grow so much closer to God than I ever dreamed was possible. I hope that your experience is even better than mine, and that God will bless you as you journey on.

  3. Thank you, Lhen! :)

    Thanks for your encouragement! I am very excited, and I trust that God will teach me much more than academics through university this year. I'd love to hear more about your college experience. :)

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you're so excited - I know I was quite nervous - but God really does know what He's doing, and I'm sure He really will be teaching you much more than academics. I would love to tell you more about my college experience, though I don't usually put too many details online . . . one post you could read is, there's also, and is very much a result of everything I've learned while I was here and how God drew me to Himself (and it amazes me what lengths He went to to bring me to this point). Like I said, though, I don't really post much specific about it. Usually it's just behind my words, the shift in perspective I've had in recent years. Sorry I can't really share much more than that with you in this forum.

      I hope you have a wonderful time at university!