Friday, March 2, 2012

Catching up...

Just thought I'd share a bit of what's going on in my everyday life lately... point form! :) Hopefully there will be some new posts up in the next week.

  • I got my hair cut on Wednesday! Crazy how much difference that makes... I got about a foot off, making it fall just above my shoulders, and it feels so much different. I loved that I was able to donate it!

  • I'm taking a first aid course this weekend. Okay, that was random....

    • The job search is on. Newness can be uncomfortable, and I'm a little nervous about these new experiences that are opening up just beyond where I can see, but I'm praying for the right opportunity. I've handed in a few resumes with no results so far, but there are some possibilities on the horizon, so I'll just wait and see what the Lord has in store.

    • I've been accepted to university! Still praying about this one - it's a big step, but I feel like it's the right path for now, and I'm trusting that God will continue to guide.

      • I'm nearing the end of Bonhoeffer's biography at last... a truly fascinating account, set in a society so similar to our own. Bonhoeffer's writing contains so much wisdom, and much that applies to me and the world we live in today. I'll share some quotes soon. :)

      • In a way, I feel like I'm relearning old lessons, as I've been going through some rough times lately. But isn't that the way life is? We are sanctified by learning obedience not only once, but continually, learning to respond with faith in the midst of every trial. A new turbulence comes from an unexpected angle to combat the peace of my soul, and I so easily fall prey to fear. But how beautiful it is to learn that God is still faithful.


      1. *hug*, prayers, and blessings to you my sweet friend. <3 Love you.
        Thanks for sharing...may He continue to draw you closer, and sanctify you as you learn obedience....

        Much love,

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      3. I'm glad to read some updates from you...
        May God continue to shower His blessings upon you.

        God bless.