Thursday, January 19, 2012

Canadian winter, eh?

I feel like a real Canadian at last!! This past week has brought quite the dump of snow. It's sure beautiful, eh? Although 2 feet of snow (sorry, I should say 68.2 cm) may not seem like much in a nation often associated with igloos and polar bears, it is generally very mild in the area I live, and this is our first significant dump of snow this season. This is the first week where the temperature has consistently stayed around -10 degrees (Celsius of course!).

It makes me happy.

I actually need my boots and gloves and hat and scarf for once! It's amazing!!

It's the month of Janvier (en Francais)

I hear...
the snow go squeak-crunch underfoot
the whistle of wind whining at the door

I smell...
the clean, linen-white scent of snow
the soup warmly boiling on the stove

I feel...
my nose tingle sharply from the cold
soft warm flannel and fuzzy socks

So what if next week's forecast is rain, rain, rain? Today, I'm a true Canadian. ;)

/End of pointless post about my ecstatic embrace of winter


  1. I just want some snow... not rain. :(
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