Monday, November 28, 2011

Fresh Air and Family

Just thought I'd share some shots of this beautiful day. :) As I've mentioned before, I love those days when I don't have to run anywhere. My brother Nelson, a budding photographer with a new camera, wanted to go to a nearby park this morning to get some shots of this gorgeous, clear day. Getting some fresh air and exercise - and photography time to boot - sounded like a good plan, so my mom and I tagged along too. It certainly brought back memories, as we would often walk to this same park growing up.

I have so much to be thankful for - a wonderful, supportive family, a loving Saviour, godly friends, a beautiful place to live, a Christ-centered church, freedom to worship... and the list goes on! Canadian Thanksgiving was way back in October, and American Thanksgiving was last week, but I want to have a thankful heart every day, and in every season. I think on the many blessings that have been given to us in this land, and I realize how rich I am compared to so many. I shake my head when I see the crowds lining streets and filling parks in their Occupy campaigns... we are in no place to complain.  I pray that this generation would awaken - that we would learn to work hard and to give generously instead of succumbing to greed and envy.

My apologies - I digress.  Back to today... a trip to the park, and down memory lane. Ah, yes, my little brother Nelson. Not so little anymore.

The playground set has changed, but I remember swinging here overlooking the pond,
feeding the ducks, getting hissed at by the scary geese, and having the occasional picnic.

picture by nelson

The air was so fresh today after the rain - crisp, but not terribly cold. 
Those little moments of beauty - so perfect.

These little berries were so pretty...
What an incredible Artist!
I love seeing His fingerprints.

picture by nelson


  1. Loved this post, Maxina: simple, yet beautiful. I love looking at His creations and enjoying them as I walk amidst them.

    We are so blessed!

  2. Such sweet pictures. What a lovely post!

  3. Hi Nina,

    i wanna say THANK you for your encouraging comment on my blog post. I'm so Sorry for not mentioning what exactly I'm going through, it just a long story. it's about my study and graduation, i do pray and hope that i'd be able to graduate on time (May2012). thanks for your prayers, i really appreciate it so much. i thank the Lord for your life. tell me how can i also pray for you.

    also, i love your post, nice pictures and nice brother. your picture looks so peaceful.

    keep in touch. God bless you always.

    Love much,
    Lhen :)