Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grad Weekend!

What a lovely weekend it has been... and yes, I do realize that it's Wednesday already.  Time flies!  God blessed all of us grads with beautiful weather and a good time of celebration and fellowship.  Being part of an online school meant that most of us had to drive a fair distance to the ceremonies at the campus school.  Some had to travel 20 hours or more, but we still had a decent turn-out of 22 graduates and their families.  Thankfully it was only 3 hours for us. 
I love family road trips, even when they're short.  We always listen to music and do read-alouds... and generally end up having some good conversations about politics or Christianity.  This time we were listening to Jimmy Needham's CD, Nightlights (my favorite right now), and reading The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich A. Hayek.  (You can read the cartoon version here.)  Good stuff.

It was so nice to reunite with friends again, and meet some of my other classmates from around the province as well.  There were only two who I had previously known in person, although there were a couple others I had talked to online or on skype.
It still feels unreal to have graduated! (Although I won't officially graduate until next year, because I've elected to take extra courses.)  I'm really thankful for the opportunity to actually cross the stage and do the whole cap and gown thing, even though I'm a homeschool grad.  It was interesting shaking the superintendent's hand for the first time!
I had already met most of my teachers, and got to know a few quite well on the Europe trip last year, but it was nice to meet a few more as well at the banquet.  I'm glad I won't have to leave them for another year yet - God has truly blessed me with some wonderful, challenging teachers and mentors.

Oh yes, and I have to share one picture of me in my dress, don't I? :)
Both sets of grandparents came out to support me at the graduation, and we were able to spend some time together enjoying the city and waterfront.  I can't leave this post without a big thank-you to my parents.  You were my first and greatest teachers - not to mention the most patient!  Thanks Mom and Dad for following the Lord's leading and homeschooling Nelson and I.  Mom, you have been my primary teacher for many years, and as of late, my proof-reader extraordinaire!  Dad, thanks for challenging me to think deeply and biblically, and for your amazing lectures! :)  I love you both so much!  And above all, I thank God for the many blessings He has given, and for the things He is continuing to teach me on this journey.
A three-generation photo - my Grandma, Mom, and me :)